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The Woodstock Report newsletter is a key tool for keeping the public up-to-date on the Center's work

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  • The June 2012 Woodstock Report (Issue No. 103)
  • The February 2012 Woodstock Report (Issue No. 102)
  • The October 2011 Woodstock Report (Issue No. 101)
  • The June 2011 Woodstock Report (Issue No. 100)
  • The March 2011 Woodstock Report (Issue No. 99)
  • The October 2010 Woodstock Report (Issue No. 98)
  • The June 2010 Woodstock Report (Issue No. 97) features the Woodstock Forum on "God and the Bomb: Deterrence, Disarmament, and Human Security", featuring Archbishop Celestino Migliore, Dr. Maryann Cusimano Love, Dr. Douglas Shaw, and Father John Langan, S.J. The issue also includes articles on Woodstock's new John & Pat Figge Woodstock Student Fellowship Program, two of our 2009-10 International Visiting Fellows, and the Center's publication on Just War, Lasting Peace.
  • The March 2010 Woodstock Report (Issue No. 96) focuses on the topic of immigration. How do we, as a society, draw on our moral and cultural values to welcome the immigrants in our midst, and promote a more just society for all? The feature story is "Honoring Human Dignity and the Common Good: A Catholic Approach to Immigration Reform", a Woodstock Forum that featured Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Donald Kerwin, Jill Marie Gerschutz, and Octavio González. The issue also includes reflections on the topic of immigration by Thomas Reese, S.J., Rev. Raymond Kemp, Daniel Madigan, S.J., John Haughey, S.J., and Metti Amirtham, SCC.
  • The October 2009 Woodstock Report (Issue No. 95) explores the tremendous faith that's at work in America's cities, even amidst the economic and social problems experienced by urban dwellers. Articles include excerpts from "Ministry in the Rust Belt: A Bishop's Perspective", by George Murry, S.J., Bishop of Youngstown (click here for the full text of Bishop Murry's talk), as well as Father Ray Kemp's account of his Faith in the City project, with related reflections by Ann Clark, Director of Counseling Services at the Washington Jesuit Academy, and Dawon Dicks, a teacher at the Washington Jesuit Academy who previously studied with Father Kemp at Georgetown University. This issue also includes an abbreviated version of "What is the Mission of the Church?" by Australian theologian and former Woodstock International Visiting Fellow Neil Ormerod. (Click here for the full text of Dr. Ormerod's article.)
  • The June 2009 Woodstock Report (Issue No. 94) focuses on the theme of "Evolution and God: Darwin and Theology 150 years after The Origin of the Species", with an account of the Woodstock Forum featuring John Haught and Kenneth Miller, and articles on the topic by John Haughey, S.J., Rev. Raymond Kemp, Dolores Leckey, Aloysious Mowe, S.J., Neil Ormerod, Thomas Reese, S.J., and Rita Rodriguez.
  • The March 2009 Woodstock Report (Issue No. 93) features "Muslims and Christians: Where Do We Stand?", "America's New Ethnic Barrier", "Seeking Common Ground Between Muslims and Christians", "40 Years of Dialogue with Muslims", "Interreligious Dialogue Hosts a Student Conversation on Election 2008", and "Remember Avery Dulles, S.J."
  • The January 2009 Woodstock Report (Issue No. 92) features "Reforming Healthcare, Faithfully", "Educating Catholics About Immigration", "Ahead of the Curve: WTC and GC35", "Called to Holiness: Grieving with Grace", and "Farewell from Tom Michel, S.J."
  • The October 2008 Woodstock Report (Issue No. 91) features "Faithful Citizenship and the 2008 Election", "The Future of Catholic Peacebuilding", "Peacebuilding in Rwanda", "Engaging People and Cultures... How the Jesuits Got so Worldly", and "From Baptismal Font to Ministry: the Surprising Story of Laity Stirring the Church"
  • The June 2008 Woodstock Report (Issue No. 90) features "The Faiths that Do Justice", "International Visiting Fellows: Global Reach - Grassroots Impact", and "Walter Burghardt and Woodstock: Theological Reflections from the Local Church"

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About the Woodstock Report

The Woodstock Report is the Center's primary means of keeping the public engaged with the work of our Programs and Research Fellows. It includes stories about recent Woodstock Forums and other events, reflections by the Research Fellows and guest contributors on topics of current interest, and a letter from the Center's Director. The Woodstock Report (ISSN 1089-2079) is published several times each year, and has a circulation of around 10,000 subscribers. It is available in both printed and downloadable PDF format.